Estudo agrogeológico dos Campos Puciari – Humaitá – Estado do Amazonas e território federal de Rondônia


  • Ronaldo Ramalho
  • Eitel Henrique Braun


Rondônia;, Amazonas;, Geologia;, Solos,, Geomorfologia.


This agricultural and geologic study of the "campos" of Puciari-Humaitá undertaken by the department for the Study of Natural Resources of the PROSPEC (Survey, Prospecting and Aerophotogrametry) is based on trimetrogon aerial photography, taken by the United States Air Force, as well as field and library research. It studies the natural resources of the northern area of the headwaters of the Madeira river, the area lying between the Madeira and the Purus rivers including the northern limit of the "campos" of Puciari.

The main objective is to investigate the agricultural possibilities, means of communication as well as the advantages of opening agricultural colonies in the area. Up to the present day there has been a lot of doubt as to the exact size of this "campos" area and its agricultural possibilities.

Messes. Eitel H. G. Braun and J. R. de Andrade Ramos, of the PROSPEC, were the two research workers in charge of this study. Their opinion is that the "campos" of Puciari-Humaitá, according to the soil and vegetation characteristics, is not suitable for agricultural purposes.

            Although not favorable for crop agriculture it might yield good results with cattle raising once the physical conditions are improved.

            They suggest soil improvement, planted pastures, water and shelter facilities for the animals and introduction o: good breeds which are required for raising cattle of good quality.

            Always considering the economic aspect of the problem they explain carefully throughout the article how to attain the above mentioned requirements.

            In the conclusion the final statement is that the "campos" area of Puciari-Humaitá does not represent the ideal and quick solution for the cattle raising problem of Amazonia because the soils and the vegetation demand a lot of improvement in order to yield compensating results.

            This research was carried out by an expedition to the area. A geologist and a pedologist in collaboration with other specialists from research centers of Amazonas and Pará made a careful geologic and agricultural investigation as will as studies of the climatic conditions, variations in rainfall, etc.