Expedição científica à Serra de Paranapiacaba e ao Alto Ribeira


  • João de Mello Moraes
  • Sinval Pinheiro


Paraná;, São Paulo;, Expedições Científicas;, Geografia Econômica.


Finishing the Report of the First Scientific Expedition to the Paranapiacaba Sierra and to the Alto Ribeira (low-region of Paraná), the authors, Cel. João de Mello Moraes and Maj. Sinval Pinheiro, presents a picture of the mineral, vegetal and animal productions, on this area, trying to pointing out the most favorables or unfavorables factors to his development.

            They said that the mountainous relief has been a powerful obstacle to the expansion of the cattle and agricultural activities, and that by an astonishing geological firmness, the future of this low-region already studied, lays in mining.

            The authors, to arrive to such a conclusion, founded themselves, in the worth and great extension of the calcarium couches, principal raw-material to produce cement, as well as the existence of important deposits of silvering lead-glance, baryte, and iron minerals.

            In this article, are described the industries already installed in the Alto Ribeira Paranaense, with a special mention to the cement, lead, silver, gold, marble and ferro gusa productions.

            And about the agricultural production, a special place to the corn, beans and orange productions, constituting the pig-raising the principal activity in the animal section.