Tipos de clima do Nordeste


  • Ignez Amelia Leal Teixeira Guerra Geógrafa do C.N.G.


Geografia Física, Meteorologia, Climatologia


The author, Prof. Ignez Amelia Leal Teixeira Guerra, makes a detailed study of the climatic types of the brazilian Northeast according to the classification of the german scientist Wilhelm Koppen. She beguins by calling the attention of the reader upon the fact that rainfall constitutes the main difference between the various types of climates in the region. It is in function of rains, either in quantity or in view of their regime, that Northeast climates are differentiated. Temperatures are high during the whole year, within the region, with few exceptions which correspond to the regions of higher altitudes. There are two zones, within the region, where rainfall is regular and relatively abundant: one in contact with the Amazonic climates, the other accompanying the eastern littoral from the State of Rio Grande do Norte southwards to the north of the State of Bahia. The first zone where rainfall is more abundant corresponds to the climatic type Aw (rains during summer, dry season in winter) which covers the whole State of Maranhão, with the exception of the coastal region, and the southwest of the State of Piauí. The second zone corresponds to the As type of the eastern littoral, where the raining season coincides to the autumn-winter period. The characteristic Aw type climate is substituted, in the Northeast, as the littoral is approached, by the Aw climatic type, in which though the rainy season is still coincident with summer, rains are prolonged to autumn, when the greater rainfalls are observed.