Água no Nordeste


  • Pimentel Gomes


Brasil, Nordeste, Bacias hidrográficas, Climatologia, Hidrografia, Barragens e açudes


            In this work on Waters of the Northeastern Region the author studies the various climates of this region classifying them according to their dampness and dwelling, initially, on the scheme established by DE MARTONNE in order to obtain the rates of aridity, aiming to adapt them to the agricultural proposes of the region.

            Afterwards he tries to organize an ecological classification based on conditions of rainfall and vegetation dividing his method in four zones: ''matas'', ''caatingas'', ''mocolandia'' and ''espinho".

            Explaning the reasons that led him in this propose, the author discusses at length each one of these zones, pointing out, with the experience and althority wich his long observations gave him the types of production the most compatible with the local conditions.

            In the chronological part he points out the capacity of the rivers of the Northeastern region considering them from the point of view of their exploitation for the construction of danes hydroelectric plants and irrigation.

            In this chapter the most important part of the work, the author dwells on the subject with very interest that it requires and makes the suggestions which he regards the most advantageous for the full exploitation of the regíon, in so far as agriculture and cattle-raisin in general are concerned.