Climatologia da Região Sudeste do Brasil : introdução à climatologia dinâmica


  • Edmon Nimer


Geografia regional, Precipitação - Meteorologia, Climatologia


When studying the regional climatology of Brazil's Southeast, the first fact calling our attention is its strikingly heterogeneous character. This fact, already quite noticeable as regards the distribution of humidity in space, becomes even more striking when one considers the heat distribution. The result of this is that no other geographic region of Brazil offers such a wide range o f climatic diversification.

In said region, we find climates ranging from the super-humid type, without any single dry month, to the semi-arid type, with six dry months; from the hot climate of the typical tropical type, to the mesothermic type, offers some of the features of the temperature climates of middle latitudes.

Yet, in spite of its noteworthy climatic diversification, Brazil's Southeast no doubt features a certain degree of humidity arising from the fact that it belongs to the zone where the clash between the system of tropical highs and that of polar highs occurs under a balance of forces. Thence the transitional character of the Southeast's regional climatology, that expresses itself in the predominance of the sub-warm climate of the tropical type.