O Fator climático nos sistemas territoriais de recreação


  • Evandro Biassi Barbiére


Lazer, Turismo, Climatologia, Recreation, Tourism, Climatology



According to Françoise Cribier (1971), the Geography of Recreation, practically at a still embryonic stage in Brazil, is the branch of Geography ''which studies the relation between men and space during leisure time activities: tourism, summer resort use, rides, games and shows." Its nature ls essentially interdisciplinary, considering the geographical environment conditions (natural resources), the characteristics of the population (social environment), housing conditions, mobility and accessibility of tourism-leisure sites.

One of the baste principles that have guided the elaboration of this work is the concern for the constant need of reconciling man with the natural environment, not only from a psycho-social view, but primarily as an attempt of complementary. In this attempt, we have the purpose of suggest the most suitable periods and their frequency, by means of the combination of atmospheric elements, their possibilities of creating excellent or restrictive conditions and their intervals of action. The aim is a larger effective use (maximization) of entertainment and pleasure, not only in weekends and prolonged holidays, but also throughout the year, during the regular vacation period, ar else when it is allowed.