Padrões de localização espacial e estrutura de fluxos dos estabelecimentos industriais da Área Metropolitana de Recife


  • Miguel Ângelo Ribeiro
  • Roberto Schmidt de Almeida


Pernambuco, Região metropolitana do Recife, Localização das indústrias, Geografia econômica



The present work aims at analyzing some spatial patterns which have resulted from the process of industrial location/relocation of a metropolitan area placed In a region of dependent economy. It deals with two subjects which interact in the Geography of the Industries: a) the location/relocation of the industrial establishments of a metropolitan area; b) their material connections with the local, regional and national economy, that is, the purchase and sale of raw material and end products made by the Industrial establishments in the industry and in the wholesale trade In different areas.

The patters of location/relocation, as well as the material connections of the industries of the Metropolitan Area of Recife, were reflecting, in the end of the 60's, a process of decentralization at a restricted spatial scale.

A new process of industrialization was beginning, not in opposition to the old one. The new process presented a sense of complementary and was artificially structured, according to more decentralized spatial patterns linked to the modern industries whose capital came from the Southeast. The old one happened naturally, was related to the regional structures and was highly centralized, although in a process of decentralization caused by deseconomies of agglomeration that occurred In the older part of the town.