Navegação Fluvial no Brasil


  • Amazonas Ceçary


Transportes;, Navegação Interior.


The author begins his work trying to show to the interdependence existent among the rivers in the plane and the navigation; and the rivers in the hills and the hydraulic energy.

            He remarks although some cases in which the rivers in the plateau can be navigated as the "São Francisco" and the 'Paraná river".

            Due to the physical characteristic and also by the lack of i ts technic conditions the brasilian hidrography basins doesn't mean something important in the country economy.

            There are although some areas as the "Amazonia" and the "Sanfransciscana" that are

particularly benefice ted by the rivers that pass through.

            He examines the situation of the navigation in each one of the big fluvial basins pointing out its own characteristics.

            On the "Amazonic" basin where the fluvial transport is practically the only one, the

"Amazonas" river is responsible for the circulation of all region richness.

            The "São Francisco" river flowing through several states continues to mean, now as in

the past, important factor to the economy of that area.

            The Paraguay river being a river in the plane represents to the area it passes through

the same to the navigation as the Amazonas does, due to the conditions of its navigability.

            The Paraná river as it is a river In the hills like the São Francisco, it does not represent an important factor to the navigation because of the relief of the region.

            Excepting the basins the importance of the fluvial navigation is small.

            There are however some river in the South-East in "Ria Grande do Sul" that really contribute to the economic development of that State.