Marabá – Centro Comercial da Castanha


  • Catharina Vergolino Dias


Pará;, Geografia Urbana;, Urbanização;, Comércio.


In his paper the author analyses several geographical aspects of Marabá, town situated at the confluence of Itacaiunas and Tocantins rivers, southeast of Pará State.

            In the first chapter he examines the "situs" where the town was settled and its disadvantages related to the floods of Tocantins river. But the highly extraordinary position of the town concerning the middle Tocantins market, mainly that of Brazilian nut and rock crystal, contributes to the progressive urban development.

            Next chapter "Urban Landscape" studies the town growth, the population and its kind of life, the town and the building material, administrative and social functions, urban activities and the town supplies.

            In the urban function, in a regional scope the author analyses Brazilian nut market, its exportation technics, and transportation system, the town position and the series of problems who difficult the urban development. Pointing out the role of Marabá as a real regional capital or all northern Goiás, southwest Maranhão and East Pará, he stresses that it not only provides the region but also it is the exporting center of all the production of this area.