Expedição científica paranaense à Serra de Paranapiacaba e Alto Ribeira


  • João de Mello Moraes


Expedições Científicas;, Geografia Econômica.


In this part of their report, the authors, Cel. João De Mello Moraes and Maj. Sinval Pinheiro, comment the results of the complete analyses of several rivers, springs and domiciliary wells on the south region of the "Alto Ribeira Paranaense", and they give relief, in their chemical composition to the influence of certain lithological elements from the "Açungui" - calcareous series dolomites and acid-eruptives.

            According to the results of the complete analyses made by the Institute of Biology and Technological Searche of Paraná, Chemistry Department, presided by Dr. Reinaldo Spitzner, being Dr. Celso de Freitas Garcia responsible for the analyses, this work demonstrates the existence of numerous occurrences of alkaline-terreous mineral waters.

            It is of interest to elevate the existence even of great rivers of mineral-water (calcium, little magnesium) by the definition of the District of Varzeão at the county of Cêrro Azul, as the most remarkable Brazilian center of mineral water springs, calcium-magnesium ones, so that they have found out thirteen springs at the dolomite grounds inside and near the village of Varzeão.

            However. those waters are not commercially used yet, nor the place has a bathing station, because of the isolation of the place, though it is predestined certainly to have a great future, its pictures aspect and for its very good climatic conditions.