Contribuição ao estudo das massas de ar da Bacia do São Francisco


  • Linton Barros


This paper, which shows the endeavor so a better knowledge of rain problems in the Brazilian Northeast, had as sources, a copious bibliography: notes and works about the subject, where the author tried to base himself.

            The principal theme was to show the great importance that the displacing of the cold polar masses, from south, represents to the Northeast rains.

            At the first part, the author reminds some meteorological basic ideas and the general circulation of the atmosphere and verifies the coincidence of the draining years with the small activity of the cold polar front, during the period of carly spring and the beginning of fall, to the south hemisphere, remaining, in that way, the Brazilian Northeast, under the command of the dry-hot winds of the Atlantic Tropical Masses.

            Already, at the second part, he searches to prove the influence of the great activity of the cold polar front during this period, at the Northeast rains, when, in that time arrived at the region air masses propitiatory of rains. '

            At the third part, toking, in consideration the factor - relief - the soil temperature and the characteristic of the air masses, he ties to explain the rains in the different seasons of the year and to establish the picture, showing the places or zones with more or less rain probabilities.

            At last, the author verifies the existence of a straight coincidence of the results that he arrived with the distribution of the rains, occurred at the region, according with the notes provided by the Meteorological Service, and also the anomalies in that distribution, as an occurrence of the bigger or less influence, of the polar masses.