Sobre a origem dos campos cerrados do Brasil e algumas novas observações no seu limite meridional


  • kurt Hueck


Fitogeografia;, Cerrados;, Biogeografia.


The explanation about the origin of the compact fields seems to be a subject of the Historical Phytogeography.

            The only satisfactory explanation that we can find, is to consider the vegetation of the compact fields as a relic from a vegetal correring amply distributed, which center of dispersion was the Middle Brazil.

            We can imagine that under different conditions from the ones we have to-day, such as conditions more favorable to the compact fields, this vegetation is spread over the Paraná State, part of São Paulo State, Pará, Amazonas, and other states that limited his center of dispersion.

            We can also imagine that after a new change on the climacteric conditions. the bordering areas from the compact fields have been attacked by many types of forests, in such a way that were formed islets of the primitive vegetation, constituting a testimony from a distribution much more wide in the past.