O Problema do desenvolvimento agrícola do Sudeste do Planalto Central do Brasil


  • Speridião Faissol


Planalto Central do Brasil;, Agricultura;, Revelo;, Geografia da População;, Colônias Agrícolas;, Geografia Econômica;, Economia Agrícola.


The present article is about the agricultural development on the Southeast of the Brazilian Central Plateau.

            It is divided in three fundamental parts.

            The first one is about the qualification from the natural conditions and the general development from the region till the beginning of the pioneer movement. On her the aspects from the physical center, such as relief shapes, climate and soils and vegetation, are treated, with the purpose to give to the. reader, an indispensable idea to the reader, an indispensable idea to the understanding, of some attitudes and purposes of the Brazilian farmer.

            The second part is a bout the analysis of the select are as in specific projects of colonization have been developed.

            In here are examined the positive and negative aspects of the experiment with the purpose to take advantage from past experiences to future essays.

            Finally are studied the possibilities of agricultural development on the Central Plateau, having in sight the actual problems with which they have to face, the agricultural cattle raising activities on that region, as well as the mutual relations problems of placement of the products in an eventual competition revelopment of the Brazilian agriculture.