Contribuição ao estudo da pesca na região do Rio Arari (Ilha de Marajó)


  • Maria Magdalena Pinto


Marajó;, Ariri;, Pará;, Pesca;, Comércio;, Geografia Econômica.


This paper was w1itten as a result of field observations made by the author during an exclusion organized by the Northern Regional Section of the National Geographic Council during January 1953.

            The author enhances the importance of the island of Marajó as an ideal center for the development of fishing activities; fishing constitutes a traditional activity in that area, and is there practiced since the fist colonization. Fishing and its economy have not attained though, a stable level.

            The author studies, then, the different characteristics of the fishing activity in the area of the Arari river and lake, considering only production areas defined as "greater fishing areas", i e, the ones that really contribute to the regional economy.

            These characteristics are:

  1. a) epochs of systematic fishing in the island;
  2. b) processes and instruments used;
  3. c) commerce and exportation;
  4. d) industrialization;
  5. e) the fishing cooperatives

            These items are discussed in detail, describing the various local aspects of the activity.

            Finally, the author summarizes her conclusions indicating possible solutions to the problems involving the fishing itself, methods and techniques, the transport of the production and the open market at Belém.