Atibaia : aspectos físicos e humanos :


  • Carlos Frederico dos Santos Silva


The author, Carlos Frederico dos Santos Silva, starts this article with a few considerations about the geomorphology of the Atibaia region, then he studies the factors which determined the settling of people in that region, specifically mentioning the ridges, hills and quaternary fields. He refers summarily to the hydrography and mineral waters existing there, describe the climate and makes considerations about the population, setting forth the fluctuations which have taken place at various periods. As regards the rural habitation, the author describes in detail the principal types of construction; he writes a special chapter about the religions, regional festivities, and language, and finishes with a summary which can. be recapitulated briefly as follow: region topographically similar to the Appalachian mountains, characterized by old ridges and hills and quaternary fields; mature and sinuous rivers, mild climate which, together with the radioactive fountains, is propitious to tourism, mixed and dispersed population in view of the nature of the soil, and diversity of construction types due to the fact that the population is very old.