Geografia amazônica : nas fronteiras do Norte


  • Bras Dias de Aguiar


Amazônia;, Bacias Hidrográficas;, Fronteira.


In this lecture "Amazon geography: in the Northern boundaries" delivered on the occasion of the 10th Brazilian Congress of Geog1aphy, Commander Brás de Aguiar refers to the outstanding technical works and conscientious studies on Physical and Human Geography which have been made by the First Division of the Brazilian Borders Demarcation Committee, of which he is the capable chief, on a vast territory extending between Paracaima range of mountains at the North; Branco river at East; Negro river at South; Parima chain of mountains at West.

            "Not considering the peat sac1ifices the region envolves, the Boundary Committee by going up rivers, crossing valleys and mountains, getting in touch with a large number of Indian tribes and finally studying that region from the physical and human strandpoints is outlining a new map, and another feature of the region is coming out" - states the author.

            By making a special analysis of works carried out during the last four years, Commander Aguiar describes rivers Demeni, Catrimani, Mucajaí and Orinoco with their main physiographic features

            As to surveys in the beginning of the latter one, until then not well fixed up, but now duly established through tiresome and detailed. research works in which even the airplane has been used, they had a notable echo in the exact marking of our frontiers with our sister republic – Venezuela.