Esboço climatológico da Região Leste brasileira : IV parte


  • Linton Barros Ferreira


: Brasil;, Sudeste;, Meteorologia;, Climatologia.


Following the same reasoning adopted in the study of the summer, the A. tries to emphasize, during the months of March, April and May, the comportment of the different meteorological components, that may cause influence and modify the climatic conditions of the East Region.

            Thus, in order to make easier the understanding of the matter, the autumn is analyzed in its four principal items:

  1. a) Situation without the actuation of the polar mass;
  2. b) Disposition of some important facts of circulation;
  3. c) Circulation facts to be detached;
  4. d) The circulation, its influence in the relief's rains during the autumn.

            Based in conclusions taken from former analyses, that put in evidence climatic divisions to the four seasons of the year, the A. proposes a climatic division to the East Region.

            After this division, seen in fig. 81, for each demarcated zone, on waits for an evolution of the climate, with the same characteristics and intensity to all the zone in evidence. The climatic differences between two close zones will be present at certain moment of the year.