Esboço geomorfológico da área de Rio Claro, São Paulo


  • Maria Margarida Penteado


São Paulo – Estado;, Rio Claro – SP;, Geomorfologia;, Mapeamento geomorfológico.


This work is a contribution to geomorphology relative to the techniques used in the construction of the geomorphological chart, based on the aerials photographs.

           The map termed - sketch, includes lithological facts, structural, morphological, chronological added by the man's action, beyond the dynamics phenomena represented by the morphoclimatic procedures the elaboration of the modeled. It is something more than a morphometric representation because it gives the elements for a genetic interpretation of the relief.

            In the construction of the geomorphological sketch we follow the orientation of the Commission of Applied Geomorphology of the International Geographical Union and also the methodology adopted by the Sub-commission of Geomorphological Charts under the direction of Jean Tricart.

            In the commentary enclosed in the chart we discuss the techniques used, which had permitted to include in a sole document the essential data to geomorphology. It is also explained the principles of the caption construction: the colors utilization, that distinguish chronology and the forms origin and of those movable deposits and the significance of the genetic signals that are indicators of the dynamic procedures.

            In the second part we find a short chart's commentary, with the information about the represented facts, or a synthesis of the studied morphology of the area, giving emphasis over the morphogenetic procedures bound to the slopes evolution. It is specially detached in this ease, the ruptures of the declivity of those terraces signaled on the chart resulting of the paleoclimatic action.