Esboço climatológico da Região Leste brasileira




Brasil;, Sudeste;, Meteorologia;, Climatologia.


The troughs induced phenomena, which has a purely dynamic origin, they come from the surges of the air flux, and they may to provoke the development of the nebulosity bands, bringing rainfalls according to the intensity of the phenomena.

            Those troughs induced may suffer a dislocation according to the evolution of the circulation system provoked by the invasion of the new polar cold masses from the south of the continent.

            In the first part of the work are studied the behavior of the atmospheric flux accordingly to the theoretic possibility of their development "troughs induced" of pressure and the evolution of the elapsed meteorological time.

            Based-on the conclusions obtained, the author search to establish to the eastern brazilian band, a climatological study purely dynamic, which makes e detach: the general circulation of the atmosphere, the secondary circulation, and the displacement of the air masses the relief, and the geographical position of each locality, the year period which they analyze the phenomena, and the quantity of rainfall registered in the maps of the isohyets.         Aiming to get a selection of the areas with the same possibilities of time system study and with the common climatic characteristics, the author had immerse into the climatic board and had created four different divisions according to the seasons of the year. In fact the gathering of the boards became possible to define those different areas with the same annual possibilities of the climatic system. The organization of maps of those areas, following an appropriated code, conduces to the informer boards to the climate of every place or area.             Having as a base the works "Pre-knowledge time" and "Superior circulation" by Adalberto Serra, the author says by the several sequences of those climatic charts showed, the strong incidence of meteorological situations theoretically probably - and responsibly by the rainy periods in our country.

            So the "troughs induced of pressure" they gain evidence and also permit to explain the presence of the rainfalls and the average directions of the wind, principally in the seashore.