O Princípio de simetria : circulação secundária no hemisfério sul : inverno : campo de pressão normal


  • Adalberto Serra




The author begins by describing the general circulation from July through August in both hemispheres. He shows that it is possible to deduce therefrom a "Law of Symmetry". subsequently confirmed by a careful examination of the daily pressure fields.

            He then describes the evolution of cyclones and fronts, starting with South America where the advances o f the polar anticyclone are studied in detail.

            From there he proceeds to a study of the disturbances over the South Atlantic, Africa the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, tracing in each case the symmetry and synchronism observable between isobaric variations in the southern hemisphere and those occurring along the same longitude in the northern hemisphere.

            In the second part the disturbance in the month of January are analyzed, following the :3ame trajectory from west to east with a greater profusion of detail over the South Atlantic. The isobaric evolutions are then examined in the order Atlantic, Europe, Africa, Asia, Indian and finally Pacific ocean, evidence being revealed in each case of the "Law of Symmetry".         

            The study ends with a detailed examination of the circulation over the North Atlantic and its repercussion on rainfall in the Brazilian Northeast; the great drought of 1958 and others preceding it are discussed. and an account is given of all the major floods recorded

in this zone since the beginning of the century.