Aspectos zoogeográficos do Brasil


  • Rudolf Barth


Zoologia; Zoogeografia


The author proceeds to a general revision of the zoogeography of Brazíl, especially as regards terrestrial mammals.

            In the field of the natural sciences, purely descriptive methods are no longer used to characterize the fauna and flora of a given region. Thus, in this paper the author has correlated the results of oecological. biological, geomorphological, climatological and even palaeontological studies.

            Brazil belongs to the Neotropical Region and, therein, to the sub-region of Brasiliana. together with certain. parts of the neighbouring countries; this sub-region, in turn. is subdivided into five provinces, of which the Caribbean is the only one that lies completely outside Brazilian frontiers.

            After describing the sub-region of Brasiliana, the author goes on to examine the characteristic fauna of the two dominant types of landscape in Brazil: forests and savannahs.           To round off his discussion of the general aspects and distribution of the fauna- in Brazil, the author sums up the more important species that mark the four zoogeographical provinces into which the country is divided, viz.: Amazonian, Cariri-Bororo, Tupi and Guarani.