Contribuição ao estudo da erosão no Brasil e seu controle


  • A. G. Braun Walter


Revealing a thorough knowledge of the problem of soil erosion in its various forms, the author, an agronomical engineer studies the phenomenon systematically, starting with nomadism in Brazilian farming and going on to discuss the causes and classification of different types of erosion and the factors that influence their development, not neglecting the preponderant incidence of climate, and variation in the plant cover, make-up and consistency of the soil, and lay of the land.

 Considering that these elements are essential causes to be weighed carefully, he shows the impact phenomenon on the national economy, by reason of its damaging effects on agriculture and the way in which it impoverishes the land.

 After analyzing the points mentioned at some length author proceeds to an overall survey of the present situation of the country with regard to the results of erosion, and outlines the means devised for its control and tending to ward off the evils arising therefrom, viz.: reforestation; terracing in certain places; cutting canals to divert run-off; laying strings of rocks over very stony soil, and other more rudimentary methods.