Contribuição ao estudo da área de influência de Aracaju


  • Roberto Lobato Corrêa


Aracaju - SE, Sergipe, Geografia urbana, Cidades e vilas



- Abstract:

            The author presents in the work now a city created artificially to be the port of a production flow of a progressive interior and at the same time it is a Sergipe's capital, and it distinguish oneself in a hinterland meanwhile the economy which gave its the origin ·will subtained with vitality. But when this exportation economy it takes part in regression suffering the transformations relative to the national economy and for the influence of the peculiar weakness of the Sergipe's agrarian conditions the city loses the capacity of been the most dynamic center of his hinterland since it don't have industrialized itself.

            The Aracaju's hinterland suffers a process of dissociation, because the principals intermediary centers they pass little by little to attach themselves to others urban centers more dynamic like Salvador, Recife and also with the southeastern metropolis. This facts are results of the lack of dynamism of Aracaju, and by the facility of communications across the highways in the north-south direction recently open. So the cities of Itabaiana, Propriá. Estância and Lagarto they pass to maintain more important relations ·with others centers located outside of Sergipe.

            The author also presents how the Aracaju's intermediary centers are sectors of service and they are not regional centers, because its relations with this respective areas of influence it procedure across the services that it disposes, and they don't have an important commercial function. Below the centers of service, we find, in the urban hierarchy of Sergipe, those smaller centers of services.

            The own reorganization of the hinterland's space of Aracaju is done under the orders of those bigger centers.

            Thus, the development of rice cultivation in the low course of San Francisco's river it suffers the basic influence of Recife. Also the betterment and the expansion of breeding. In detriment of the traditional sugar cane farming decadent now, the development of a diversified farming around Itabaiana, they are influenced by Recife and Salvador, northeastern metropolis. Tobacco growing executed around Lagarto due, greatly, to a local facts and the Sergipe's capital has a small participation in this activity.

            We must to emphasize, that tradition of business contact among the cities located into the Aracaju's hinterland and also with Aracaju proper and politic-administrative function that the Sergipe's capital has, they are factors which forbids the complete dissolution of one hinterland which is commanded by an "incomplete capital regional".

            Because the fact of Aracaju been the principal city of Sergipe, to it fits the heavy charge of to receive the demographic excess migrants of a poor rural world, making the growth of the Sergipe's capital even that capital couldn't offers to this population better perspectives.

            The Sergipe's capital that was a relationship center between it interior and the foreign. it pass to be an intermediary center between its hinterland, the Southeastern and Northeastern metropolis. the most dynamic centers. By the other side we cannot speak about urban region to an economical underdeveloped area that is commanded by a city which reflects very well the underdevelopment of part from the brazilian's Northeast.