Circulação superior


  • Adalberto Serra


Meteorologia, Climatologia, Tropopausa


            The present study is a detailed examination of the genesis of the tropical atmospheric perturbations and it establishes certain rules for the respective prevision of such perturbations.

            In the first part after some definitions it is demonstrated how the circulation charts in the high levels could be used with advantage in foreseeing more accurately in average term, determining not only the future position of the fronts and isobaric systems, but the weather in the different regions of the country as well.

            In the second part, using the radio soundings of Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Natal and Belem, the methods applied are the classical, of the particles and layers to the thermo dynamic analysis and the consequent prognostics of the temperature and cloudiness Further on in the chapter "Superior Variations ''an entirely original theory is exposed. and this theory demonstrates the mechanism of action of the Tropopause, of the polar front on all the equatorial zone, mainly through the ondulations.

            At last a complete and finical description of the secondary circulation in the tropical rains and posterior evolution to a clear sky.

            In this second part, the theoretical part of the study is more stressed and reserving its first part for its practical applications.