Cidade e região no Sudoeste paranaense




Paraná, Geografia econômica, Geografia urbana, Geografia agrícola, Geografia regional, Colonização


This work is concerned to a study program of the relations between town and region in Brazil. It refers to a region recently peopled by small land owners, the South-west of Paraná. Due to the characteristics of this region one find out that the urban life is yet in its beginning and the towns maintain few relations on the region where they are established. Thus, the urban centers doesn't put attraction on that population of the surrounding areas for its demographic growth and there isn't near the towns an area with dairy-poultry farms and kitchen-garden products, or a strait industrial relations - the wood industry, in its large part, is predominantly rural, maintaining scare entails with the regional towns.

But there exist strong relations between towns and the regions where they are situated. The first one and certainly the most important is related to the gathering and distribution of agricultural products. This constitutes a function whose mechanism reveals a strong urban dominance presented not only by central places, but also other centers outside the region. Commercialization provides, by its turn, an important bases to perform a regional life, and great part of the distribution of goods and services is related to this mechanism.

The study of the town's role in the distribution of industrial products shows the complexity of the function and point out the regional dependence to other central places outside the region, in referring to wholesale trade. However there are, in the retail trade, regional links which are established around a single central place, having yet other intermediary ones.

In the distribution of services it shows the presence of an equipment which, in spite of little expressive quantitatively, is founded well distributed spatially.

All these characteristics concerning regional relations are strong linked to that recent settlement mentioned above.