Espaço, valor da terra e equidade dos investimentos em infraestrutura do Município do Rio de Janeiro


  • David Michael Vetter
  • Elza Freire Rodrigues
  • Rosa Maria Ramalho Massena


Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Rio de Janeiro - Estado, Investimentos públicos, Infraestrutura - Economia, Geografia urbana, Crescimento urbano


Through their impact on collective consumption, public investments in urban infrastructure influence the interpersonal distribution of real income or good living conditions. In this study, we analyze the equity of investments in sewer and water systems in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro between March 1975 and March 1977. The interpersonal distribution of the net benefits of these investments depends on: (1) their spatial location; (2) their impact on the structure of prices, especially land rent; and (3) the effect of these price changes on residential segregation by income group. As the capacity to influence public decisions tends to vary among these groups, these changes in residential segregation provoked by public investments in one period may influence the spatial distribution of such investments in future periods.

The first part of this study provides a discussion of the theoretical relationships involved, the second, shows the results of the study done in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, and the last section presents the general conclusions, as well as recommendations for increasing the equity of these investments.