Relação entre os graus de limitações do uso do solo por suscetibilidade à erosão e às unidades de mapeamento de solo


  • Waldemar Mendes


Geologia, Erosão, Uso do solo, Mapeamento do solo, Geology, Erosion, Use of the soil, Soil mapping



The author admits the searches and maps of soil accomplished in the Brazilian territory, in several states, since 1954, by the "Departamento de Pesquisa do Ministério da Agricultura", are the most complete studies of soil that were achieved in tropical and subtropical regions.

After searching those works, he succeeded to establish relations between the grade o f limitation in the use of the soil with susceptibility to erosion and the map unities of acknowledgment soil survey and the map unites of the detailed acknowledgment soil survey.

The parameters were established taking into consideration important erosion factors following: the nature o f the soil, the slope relief and the length of the ram.9s, (lançantes). And the kind of the texture.

That relationship obtained corresponds with the investigation of the field, between the great groups os soils and the consequences of erosion, that was noticed in several Ecological Brazilian regions. Nevertheless, that ls a precursory study that will be improved.

The maps of the limitation of the use of soil with susceptibility to the erosion of the studied area were worked out.

To be conclusive, the author writes that the maps allows several usages, (applications) as for instance:

1. to delimitate the are-as of soil with distinct grade of resistance to the erosion;

2. to enable an application of more suitable preservation practices to each area;

3. to provide information in the Engineering, to the Sector of Roads Construction, that will be very important, when used In the areas where the sou are more susceptible to erosion;

4. to make possible to the Official Departments (Federal, State, "Municipal"), adopt the preventive steps against erosion, etc.