As Funções regionais e as zonas de influência de São Luís


  • Elza Freire Rodrigues


São Luís - MA, Maranhão, Industrialização, Geografia econômica, Cidades e vilas


This work is based on a local search, having in view the delimitation of São Luiz area of influence and the successive belts of actuation.

It was particularly analyzed the various regional functions performed by the town, as well as the other types of spacial relationships such as:

a) gathering and raw-materials expedition;

b) the function of distribution of manufactured products through the retail and wholesale trade, and the industries;

c) rendering of services in the field of education, health, bank and other services;

d) the population origin;

e) supplying in food products;

According to the regional functions accomplished by São Luiz, there are five belts or zones of influence in the State of Maranhão, as follows:

a) peripheral zone of daily contacts;

b) exclusive actuation zone;

c) direct actuation zone, with the presence of. supralocal centers;

d) attenuated actuation zone by regional center;

e) secondary actuation zone ruled by other regional metropolis.

These zones show types and decreasing intensity of relations, in proportion to the distance increasing, as appear in many other tows studied taken as examples.