Fauna dos manguezais brasileiros


  • Luiz Carlos Aveline


Animais do manguezal, Zoogeografia, Ecologia, Mangrove animals, Zoogeography, Ecology



The fauna survey in the brazilian mangroves, whose first results are presented in this work, is one of the objectives of the Environment and Natural Resource Superintendence – IBGE. The survey comes from the interest showed by the Special Environment Bureau, aiming at the exploitation and use of those ecosystems and at the possible creation of special areas to be reserved in the future.

Based on previous works, this study began in June, 1979, and took about 6 months to be finished. While surveying the specialized bibliography, it was possible to confirm the lack of research papers in this field. In spite of that, the animal species quoted in the available works have been filed. Besides the data related to the scientific and popular denomination of the species, and their respective zoological position in the highest systematic categories – classes, orders and families - the cards have also included information on ecological aspects, areas are places where the species are found, as well as geographical distribution and bibliographical references.

In order to carry out a quantitative analysis, the geographical subspecies, varieties and races have been considered as distinct entities, that is, different from each other.