Considerações a respeito do levantamento pedológico do Brasil


  • Paulo Vageler


The present article is the summary of an interesting conference held by Prof Paul Vageler at the National Council of Geography. The author starts by pointing out the difference between the organization of pedologic and agrogeologic maps, and concludes stating that, under a practical viewpoint, in countries in the same conditions as Brazil the most interesting would be to set up pedologic maps.

            He shows the necessity of a well organized planning, taking into consideration all the factors which intervene in the formation of the soil. He criticizes several classic authors, prevailing himself of his great experience in four continents and of his deep knowledge of the matter. He indicates the necessity of rationalizing the collecting of samples in order that characteristic and comparable data may be obtained.

            Ending this articles, he states that without a central organization to guide and coordinate the field researches the work conducted to organize pedologic or agrogeologic maps cannot be compared; it will require great expenses and possibly erroneous conclusions will be reached, as has already been the case in various countries. Only under the guidance of a central organization can the pedologic map of such an extended area as the Brazilian be economically and efficiently set up.