• Virgílio Corrêa Filho


Geografia física; Paquetá


Paquetá, at the northeastern end of Guanabara Bay, is part of an archipelago adding so much to make the island a beautiful spot on the whole scenery.

            Engineer VIRGÍLIO Correia Filho has surveyed the island's peculiar physiographic features resulting from the granitic hilly structure reduced to a lower level by erosion and he describes them minutely in various chapters. A historical study of the settlement started in the century of the discovery of Brazil throws light also on the economic development of the island which, under the first grant of land (sesmaria), had been divided into two portions and given to two companions of Estácio de Sá.

            In various ways and taking advantage of slave help the activity of landlords found expression on the island, generally. First, in fishing, still going on, then in the utilization of the existing forrest for firewood and to make charcoal and lime, the latter from abounding shells, or in the fruit orchards and truck farms. '
            The mild climate within luxuriant vegetation has attracted prominent visitors, such as King D João VI, the two imperors, Pedro I and II, José Bonifácio, Evaristo da Veiga, and later, Carlos Gomes, Joaquim Nabuco, Vicente Licínio Cardoso.
            The granitic ground of the island is found deeply decomposed in some of the small hills as contrasting with other portions where the granite exhibits itself in larger or smaller boulders, especially on the shores where waves are continuously sweeping debris from the decomposition process.
            Provided with regular water supply as well as sewage and electric light in this century, Paquetá follows the progressive strides of the Federal Capital to which it is connected by ferry-boats covering the distance inside of about one-and-half hour

            It looks as if it were a single Rio's ward But the water surrounding the island gives it the characteristic configuration of a retreat for a test, having calm beaches, the magnificent greenery with various shades from abounding flowers cultivated In streets and private gardens. Among the latter, outstands Brocoió, a beautifully garlanded island near Paquetá and purchased by the Municipality of the Federal District as a new addition to public places open for the people's recreation.

            In closing up his article the author says: "Paquetá, a single recess within the hollowness of the Guanabara Bay where up to the present time it has maintained its own characteristics unnameable to exaggeration, deserves special attention from the Public Power. Utilization of its soil must be protected to avoid over-construction, for an increase in building would result in depriving elevations of their luxuriant cover which appeals so much to the recreation of residents who for the most do find in the island's healthy environment the cure vainly sought in other resorts ".