As Normas da elaboração e da redação de um trabalho geográfico


  • Francis Ruellan


: Metodologia da Pesquisa;, Geografia


The author, Prof Francis Ruellan, Directer d'Etudes à l'Ecole des Hautes Études (Institute of geography at the Sorbonne), professor of geography at the National Faculty of Phil03ophy, Unive1sity of Brazil, and scientific conductor of cultural meetings at the National Council of Geog1aphy, basing himself on the definition of geog1aphy sought to assemble, in this article, the rules for developing a geographical study.

            Definition: "The objective of geography is at the same time a description and an explanation of the assemblages of phenomena which make up the face of the earth".

             Any original geographical study implies a personal search In the field, inside work being only a needed complementary feature of such an investigation.

             In the first part of his article the author presents the General Rules for wide application to geography, physical and human:

1 - Description, precise and vivid.

2 - Accurate location.

3 - Extent of facts unde1 consideration and the study of zones of transition.

4 - Distribution of typical phenomena and their variances.

6 - Comparisons based on a research of the similar phenomena.

6 - Comparisons based on a research of the phenomena.

7 -- Causes of variations both in appearance and nature of the phenomena.

8 - Physical and human effects.