Contribuição à metodologia do mapeamento da vegetação do Brasil : fotointerpretação e estrutura da vegetação : Folha Corredeira da Escaramuça, SP


  • Jeruza Viana Pinto
  • Luiz Guimarães de Azevedo


São Paulo – Estado;, Vegetação;, Fitogeografia;, Mapas topográficos;, Interpretação fotográfica.


The necessity of knowledge about the S. Paulo's State vegetation from the phytogeography's point of view and rational soils utilization, makes the Phytogeography Sector of the Secretary of the Botanical Institute of Agriculture of S. Paulo to make a mapping program about that vegetation, based upon the philosophy of work of the "Toulouse's school".

            The choice of the test areas looking for the compatible methodology with the brazilian peculiarities to be used in this program, ls the first stage of that mapping.

            The Corredeira da Escaramuça sheet, placed in the dawn Vale do Tietê, had served to some tests of the material and methods for the photo-interpretation of the vegetation structure and had permit to arrive to the follow results: in that area it is possible to identify for structure of vegetation - gramineous forros, herbaceous, shrubby and arboreal; that structures become isolated or combined giving the origin to new communities that are distributed in the "várzea" or in the steps or the plateau. It was possible also to identity, the annual's culture area, the coffee plantation, of the abandoned cultures and of pasturages. Some hypothesis of work correlated with that program was also formulated.