Alguns fitoclimogramas tropicais.


  • Armely Therezinha Maricato


Fitogeografia, Climatologia


The relationship between vegetation assemblages and the climatic conditions could be r&presented by one formula named phytoclimatogram of the climatic values which, actuating upon the life of a determinate vegetable they propitiate the necessary conditions for theirs development.

            In that work they are assemble the tobacco, cacao, sugar cane and the coconut, because theirs tolerances and demands are quite the sames.

            For this study we took into account only the climatic elements: the temperature, humidity, and the rainfall.

            The analysis of those elements became possible the establishment o a phytoclimatic formula for each products.

            Those formulas applied to the diverse meteorological stations they had permit to characterize the phytoclimatical areas, or yet those which have the excellent conditions for the development of those products and the areas which presents deficiency or excess relative to the rainfalls, temperature or humidity.

            Another observation made was that about the areas that isn't phytoclimatics sometimes they present a larger production than the excellent area, and that is due because they are better attended in theirs technical and financial recourse.

            For example is cited the Piracicaba's municipality in the State of São Paulo, where the sugar cane production hits 1 640 000 tons a year, surpassing the production of the great majority of that municipalities situated in the phytoclimatic area.

            In conclusion so, that the conditions created by men could to make possible to those areas considered climatically deficient, a so great production or even a greatest than an area considered excellent in the phytoclimogram.