Evolução política e crescimento da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro


  • Therezinha de Castro


Rio de Janeiro – Estado, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, Geografia urbana, Urbanização, Política e governo, Geografia política


Rio de Janeiro, been chose to be the capital of South, when was instituted in Brazil the double system of government, it will finished by been the seat of the whole territory at 1763, it had lost finally in 1960. It was also by 13 years the seat of the Portuguese court when it had saw the transformation of its social and intellectual structure.

            In its primitive population it had predominated the native aborigine, little by little displaced by the negroes, and in these days, the focal point of citizens from the others areas of Brazil and of the foreign countries, constituting a cosmopolitan center.

            Born on a knoll, like the first brazilian cities went little by little spreading by the slopes, plains to go up again in the others mounts. Finding always the accidental ground it had changed its natural aspect just to make possible its growth, razing the hills, covering with earth the lagoons and swamps, invading the Guanabara’s bay and, yet opening tunnels and constructing viaducts.