Subsídios para uma nova divisão política do Brasil


  • Ignez Amelia Leal Teixeira Guerra
  • Antonio José Teixeira Guerra


Fronteiras, Geografia política, Divisões territoriais e administrativas


            Brazil's historical evolution of the territorial division is disposed chronologically in this task, since the settlement of the Hereditary Captainies, with D. JOÃO III, to the latest attempts. The origins of the problem are remarked by the authors, retrospectively.

            The work is plentifully illustrated with demographic and economic schedules about some federate unities and federal territories, which counterbalanced the effort spent by them, that affirm conclusively the convenience of an urgent transformation of the wide under-developed areas in the Great Northern and Middle West Regions. They think this is the best way to solve the problems connected with the national interests in order to develop these vast regions and profit its natural resources.

            In their considerations, they didn't forget the essential preceding studies based on an early survey relating to the possibilities of the region, on the point of view quantitative and qualitative.

            With reference to the Northeast, East and South, it is proposed the re-establishment of the Territories of "Ponta Porã" and "Iguaçu" and it is also suggested the establishment of "Território de Barreiras", by making use of the dismembered areas situated in the States of "Bahia" and "Goiás".

            Finally, it is given a political advice consisting in the institution of a department designed to the politic-administrative protection and the direction of these federate unities.