Mapa da vegetação original do estado do Paraná


  • Dora de Amarante Romariz


Paraná, Fitogeografia, Biogeografia, Vegetação


            The author explains that his work is only a comment on the "Map of the original vegetation of the State of Paraná", and that he does not intend to study profoundly the vegetation, but only to give a general idea of the different types noted on the map.

            He describes shortly the methods and the elements used in this work.

            At the first point the author explains the development of the work and enumerates the sources used: 1) observations on field realized during different excursions; 2) aerial photos; 3) information of bibliography (maps, books, articles, etc.).

            At the end of this chapter the author explains why he has done a map of the original vegetation, and not one of the actual vegetation.

            He has made then general considerations on the distribution of the forest and of the fields in the State of Paraná.

            At the second part the author appreciates lightly the different types of vegetation that are signalized on the map.

            The chief characteristics, the prevailing elements, the correlations of type of soil, of rock, of climate or of relief each one of the six formations are described.

            So finish the author making some comparison among the map of the vegetation and them of use of the earth, of breeding of cattle and of population.

            The work does not only include the "Map of the original vegetation of the State of Paraná" at the scale of 1:1 000 000, but also several photos and a map showing the itineraries traveled over and the regions of Paraná for which the aerial photos were used.

            A bibliography follows the text.